Release date for PSO

Release date for PSO

We must believe that the beta test , from May 31 to June 30 in Japan, is bearing fruit. Sega announced that Phantasy Star Online: Episode I & II will be available in Japan on August 8, while the release this summer was not yet 100% guaranteed.

It will be necessary to subscribe to be able to play online the first game network GameCube. As for the PC version in Japan, the amount will be 600 yen (about 5 €) for 30 days of play and 1500 yen (about 13 €) for 90 days, in addition to the subscription to the service provider, Needless to say.

The game will also be sold coupled with the Modem Adapter , the 56K modem that plugs under the GameCube, for 9800 yen (about 84 €). It is still unclearBroadband Adapter , the Ethernet adapter on which to connect a broadband modem, will be available on August 8th.

In addition to the half-dozen new levels planned for Episode II, we will note the possibility of exchanging objects with menus instead of placing them on the floor. This will avoid being stolen his precious weapons.

Another impediment to organized theft, a character who died in action in Ephantasy Star Online: Episode I & II will not lose his weapon, and will not let it fall to the ground.

Finished the flights of unscrupulous players. Finally, the Sonic Teamhas planned small animations so that the characters can greet the other players with a wave of the hand, or even bow to a female character to flatter. It will take a little longer to get the first information on the release of the game in Europe.

Revealed at E3 but very discreet on the stand JoWood , SOLDNER: Secret Wars has just received an official page, available at this address (the real official site is a little empty at the moment), which offers us squarely the first two images of the game, as well as a handful of artworks.