What is WWE Supercard?

WWE Supercard is a very impressive video game of the WWE video game series developed in the year 2014 for iOS and Android by the Cat Daddy Games and was later published by 2K Games.

WWE Supercard game is basically a collectible card game in which the card features the WWE superstars.

Do you remember the 90’s childhood memories where playing cards or trump cards were very popular?

It was a widely played game among all age groups. Now this experience is available in a virtual world where you can challenge your friends online.

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WWE Supercard- Multiplayer Card Battle Game has more than 10 million downloads and 4.4 stars rating in Google Play Store. The game is also very popular among the Apple users and they can easily download it through the Appstore.

WWE Supercard Gameplay and Features

This collectible card battling multiplayer game where you can challenge your friends or meet new people and battle between to know who’s the best. The game features more than thousands of cards all featuring WWE Superstars and also NXT superstars.

Apart from the superstars the legends and Hall of Fame Inductees are also featured on the supercards. Collect as much as you can and level up! Get prepared to play in the Elimination Chamber and Royal Rumble matches. Clinch the positions for leaderboard rewards.

In the “Money in the Bank” matches try to capture the briefcase for rewards. To get into big rewards at first participate in Open challenges and win Tickets for it. Top cards can be earned by fighting in “King of Ring” tournaments.

Events are great chances to earn exclusive cards and the weekly rotating events are the best way to get them.

Never forget to claim the rewards from these events. You can also earn some bonus by just logging in the game. In the latest update series of new cards featuring Wrestle Mania superstars are available to collect.

WWE Supercard Events to win huge collectibles

Recently the game developer companies 2K and Cat Daddy Games revealed all the details about the latest WWE Supercard event which is Last Man Standing. This event has begun from 19th April and will last till 22nd April for all the players in iOS or Android.

This was a solo event which allows players can experience player vs player intense situation and also clear the challenging Arenas.

The event started as a player would begin by flipping 25 cards until and unless he finds an opponent which will then result in a quick match and as the law of nature if a guy looses then he will have to spend a heart and most interestingly if a player looses all the hearts his game is over. The winner has the option to collect his point or continue playing.

The event mentioned above is just an example there are many events upcoming which gives everyone a chance to win big and premium collectibles. So, load up and get ready for the next bigger events!