Fortnite Season 6 :- All you need to Know

Fortnite Season 6 :- All you need to Know

Battle royal Season 6 of got premiered in September 27, 2018. The theme was darkness rises. 

Gaming ethuisaiats say that season 6 comes with an impeccable storyline and has lots of mystery in store.

In addition the central island will feature the destruction of Loot Lake and the imprinted runes will be transformed into sand stones. There has been changes in the map too in the form of corn fields, floating islands, corrupted areas and haunted castle.


September 24, 2018 was a big day for fortnite lovers as they got to see the teaser of this new game. Epic games released the teaser revealing the theme of the season.  It released three teasers keeping cube as the background which indicated the six sided mystery.

Battle pass

The battle pass featured in season 6 is an exclusive way to earn rewards by playing the season 6 of fortnite. The in game rewards are available for 950 v bucks in item shop.

The items are of different variety and includes emotes, harvesting tools, back billing, contrails, loading screens, music, toys and sprays. 

These are some of the items that does not have an expiry date and can be unlocked anytime.

Please note that the free battle pass rewards are available to everybody and rewards that are related to battle pass are for the players that have invested their v bucks on battle pass.

Some of the main rewards that are highlighted are 25 tier reward which can purchased by spending 2800 v bucks.


These are basically cosmetics of battle royal that was introduced in season 6.  Season 6 saw the introduction of 3 types of pets namely the scales, camo and the Bonesy. 

Please note that scales is dragon, bonesy is a dog and camo is a chameleon. Another thing to keep in mind is that, pets have different reaction based on the situation.

For instance if a player is skydiving then pets will have a different reaction and if the player is gliding then pets will have different reaction. They are not limited to give the same reaction in every situation.


Music makes the battle royal comes to life. The ones which are introduced in season 6 can be customised according to your own convenience. The background music can be played while enjoying the season 6 of battle royal and you will be blessed with a rewarding experience.



The season 6 features various cosmetic skins. On completing battle pass challenges, players are rewarded with loading screens. Cosmetics are categorized under the item shop battle royal and are changed on rotational basis. With the help of this tool, you can implemented icy feet to your enemies which will make s even with low friction. Quad launcher is one useful item that was launched in season 6 which allows the players to fire 4 rockets with a single launch.  Quad launcher comes in two variants one is known as the legendary variant and the other Is known as the epic variant.

Season 6 saw the introduction new and improved items.  Some of the new items are shadow stones, new vehicle and new trap. Please note that shadow stones is game item that is usually present in areas which are corrupted. When a player uses a shadow stone the players will have certain features which can be listed as follows

  • Will have the ability to become invisible front of the enemies
  • Gain increased speed and have fall and jump immunity
  • Will have the ability to generate new powers with the press of a fire button. The new power will allow the player to move through the objects. Though this effect will last for 45 seconds but can be existed early by holding down the alt and down button

Some of the cons of this shadow stone are

  • Will not able to use any weapon
  • Shadow trail will be left behind when the player starts to move

Another, new item that gained much popularity among the players is chiller. With the help of this item the player will have the ability to place traps in ceilings, walls and floors.