How to change your PSN name

How to change your PSN name

PlayStation users have been complaining a lot about one issue. They are annoyed since they are not allowed to change their PSN name. Most of the gamers complain that they longer want the hilarious PSN id that came as an inbuilt feature. They say they were good during their younger years but now as they have grown into adult men, the id name is very embarrassing. Gamers want a name that could match their online presence, and thankfully sonny have heard their prayers.

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The change of name has been addressed and Sony has rolled out the new update to change PSN name. Now the update is not perfect, so you need to think twice before changing your PSN. Tech experts recommends, that if you a lover of old games in PSN, then opting for an update is not a good idea. Official PlayStation have made a list of announcements, they clearly said that PSN name cannot be changed for all games. It is supported by few games only. Meaning Sony listed a list of games where PSN name can be changed. Now it for the customers to decide, whether they want to implement a change or not.

How to change PSN name

There are two simple ways to change PSN name, one is using ps4 directly, or other by using the web browser. If you want to change the PSN with the help of ps4, then you need to follow some simple steps. First you need to go to the settings option on your ps4 and and then move onto account management and further to account information. After selecting account information move to profile and to online id. Here you will have option to change the PSN name.

While changing name on the browser, you first need to sign inti your PlayStation network and then have your PSN profile selected. Once you have done that, you will see an option to edit. Then add the new PSN name followed by prompts. Please note it is impossible to change a PSN name using PS3 and PS vita

Changing PSN name and potential threats?

A user has the ability to change the PSN name as much as he wants. Meaning you will have the privilege to change the name as many times as you want. Now it has to be noted that the first change would be free and the next changes will avail charges. Rate will $4.50 for PS plus subscribers and $10 for no Now there may be times when a particular friend cant recognise you , since you have changed your PSN name. To mitigate this issue sonny will give you the facility to display the old name with the changed PSN name in the game for 30 days. In this way an old friend can recognise you. Yes, there are some bug fixes that needs to be addressed by the developers. Furthermore the name change will be applicable to al ps4 games and also the most played ga